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We are the team of professionals, working with HoReCa market more than 17 years.


We are the team of professionals, working with HoReCa market more than 17 years.

First of all weare a team. We are young, energetic and enjoy our job. We are working with HoReCa market for more than 17 years. We know how it works – hotel and restaurant - from the inside. We know all majior questions and will talk with you in your language. With us, will not be surprises and "pitfalls". We respect one’s promise. If we can not fulfill our promise, you'll know about it before you pay us your money. We are a public company, we do not have an automatic telephone secretary and 20 minutes of waiting, you will always communicate our professional, living employee. We want to build an honest, professional business in our country.

We optimized all business processes, we do not need a lot of expensive employees. Almost all we do - we do ourselves.


We are a company - acquisitions librarians for catering and all hotel services. We supply according to clients requests - porcelain, glassware, cutlery, equipment of any complexity level. Carrying out project technology places. We know the difference between the technology of fast food from the catering or food factory. We know all of the leading suppliers of porcelain, professional crystal and cutlery. We will be glad to advise you exactly what suits the needs of your future or current restaurant. we are aware of all the new products and trends, regularly visit all professional exhibitions in Europe and Asia.

We work directly with producers, and only, so you do not overpay any agents consolidators and resellers.

For hotels

For future owners of the hotel we offer the service – «full complete set» . We will develop a specification for the supply of all product groups, which should be used at your hotel. We know all standards of the existing hotel chains from 2- 5 stars. Whether you have the list of approved suppliers – we will make you an offer according to this list, we will help you to select the the most profitable supplier in terms of price and quality, from our practice we know that price difference could reach 30%.  All that can be replaced to optimize the cost without loss of quality - we will offer  for your approval.

We offer you a contract supply of the whole range of goods. From our side we organize purchaising, temporary storage in Europe, logistic, custome clearance and product acceptance and transfer at your facility. 

We don't use expensive bank loans, so you don't overpay.


We know what is necessary and important for restaurateurs. We offer contractual supply with the best market prices and best conditions. Buying goods under the order, you save as much as possible.

Now everybody enjoys online shopping, they have really best prices as they are working under the order. This style of work allows to minimize the costs related to storage of goods, rent of large areas, advertisement.

Working with us you get the same conditions. All restaurateurs are planning their purchasings. You know that the word “urgent” always leads to an increase in prices for urgency. Whether you are ready to work with us “under the order”, we will supply goods to you with best prices, which will include price of the goods, logistic and our minimum margin. We are not a huge company with a bloated staff. And we pay great attention to optimizing business process and additional expenses, therefore we do not expect to receive super-profits.

In cases, when you know exact supplier and want to buy a certain product directly – we could offer you «open book» system, we will forward goods to you with original invoices from supplier, you pay for goods, forwarding and custom clearance, and a pre-agreed with us percentage of the commission for the work of administration of your order.

We have small overhead costs because we have no expensive office and huge showroom


  • Technological equipment, project, installation.

  • Porcelain, crystal, glass for bars, metal cookware and dishes for table service and more.

  • Kitchen tools, everything for food storage and dishes, cleaning equipment, sponges, rags, paper towels, serving paper napkins, toilet paper.

  • Furniture for restaurants, metal kitchen furniture, upholstered furniture, banquet furniture and furnishings for conferences, hotel furniture.

  • Textiles and footwear.

    Specialized clothing and footwear for staff, bedding, bed linen, towels, table linen and kitchen linen, shutters of any type: vertical, horizontal, roller, motorized system.

  • Cutlery.

    For restaurant and hotel, from the democratic and functional to luxury and design.

We are public company, we want to build honest professional business in our country.

We are able to work. We are ready to work hard, interests of the Client and forming of the long-term confidential relations are more important for us, than momentary benefit.

Best Alliance.